In winter, the skin is attacked by cold, wind, temperature changes, air conditioning, heating and drafts.

You have to protect your skin with a cosmetic shield to help her stay healthy. Some tips to heal your skin during the frosts.

What is skin?

The skin consists of several layers, the stratum corneum, on the surface, the more superficial epidermis, composed of several layers of cells, and the dermis thicker and deeper, vascularized with nerve endings.

What to do?

The skin reacts, tissue or vascular, to the attacks of an aggressive environment. To prevent skin aging, it should be taken care of daily. The golden rule: good hygiene. Clean and cleanse the face twice a day, this is B.A.- ba. That it rains, that it sells, that it is nice, the skin must be purified and toned before being hydrated.


A beautiful skin, smooth, supple, luminous, is a well hydrated skin. That of a baby, the reference sweetness par excellence, contains 80% water. In winter, the skin tends to dry out. She pulls, blushes, sensations of discomfort and even some roughness appear. These are the symptoms of dehydration. So you have to slow down the loss of water by creating a film / barrier that prevents water molecules from escaping. – Choose appropriate creams with rich textures, preferable in winter, that nourish and rejuvenate the skin. – Remember to make masks moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, twice a week. The beneficial assets repair the skin and prepare it to deal with external aggressions.

SOS anti-cold!

Remember to protect the lips, fragile area, with balms or repairing sticks. In case of cracks, apply a thick layer, like a mask, several times a day, it’s a skier look! – Protect your hands too, because wearing gloves is not always enough. Put on a cream, fluid or balm and massage well from your wrist to your fingertips. Often based on petrolatum, shea butter, vegetable oils, silicone, they deposit a screen film. In case of hands, apply a thick layer and leave overnight.